Using encryption techniques in data transfer and access to data, our system represents the highest technical standards available with a constant update.


Certified server

Our system is hosted on secure servers within the national territory, which guarantee that all complaints are transferred by SSL connection. This means that all connections to our system are made under information encryption protocols, to ensure the security of all parties.


Secure data transfer

The data transfers between the complainant and our system are protected by https connections and asymmetric encryption processes.

The complainant and our lawyer, responsible for processing your complaint, are strictly separated on the server. Complete encryption systems complement this separation so that a wrong combination of data is not possible.


Protecting the complainant is one of our most important tasks. Your anonymity is guaranteed by our system thanks to special encryption. In this way, whistleblowers and organizations work together to resolve deficiencies internally.

If you want to report, you may be worried about possible reprisals. We allow you to send your complaints without any risk. With our system you can be sure that your identity will remain anonymous if you wish.