Frequently Asked Questions FAQS

What is an external complaints channel?

This is a way of communication that the company provides in order to make possible that any person linked to Pullmantur;  managers, employees, customers, suppliers, …etc are able to report about the possible commission of a crime, fraud or breach of the internal regulations of the company in a safe and confidential manner.

Who manages the external complaints channel?

The external ethical complaint channel is managed by independent lawyers not linked to Pullmantur, specifically by the law firm Staylant Compliance.

Why external?

With an external complaints channel Pullmantur offers the complainant the guarantee that his complaint will be treated independently and objectively by an independent external lawyer. In addition, the complainant can choose between reporting the complaint confidentially or anonymously, all of it in order to reduce the fear of reporting and making the complainant feel safe in doing so.

What should be reported in this complaints channel and what kind of information is useful ?

This reporting channel is designed for you to report on possible fraudulent behavior or breach of the internal regulations of the company. 

For other types of complaints, the appropriate internal channel of communication should be used (for example, petitions or complaints regarding the employment contract should be addressed directly to Pullmantur’s Human Resources department and customer complaints should be reported to Pullmantur’s customer service telephone number).

Regarding the information that is useful, actually any data that you provide us can be important, so you should include as much information as possible. The information you should include is summarized in the denunciation form.

Why should I report a complaint ?

Pullmantur wants to hear what you have to say about infractions and internal complaints. This includes  the breach of legal rules or internal guidelines. Your report can help the company avoid financial losses and other damages, which can affect the reputation of the company. In this way you guarantee the good progress of both the organization and your job.

How is the process of reporting a complaint?

To report your complaint you must access the complaint form that is on this same complaints channel. Please, spend a few minutes completing the form. The entire process takes approximately ten minutes, although it depends on the type of complaint. The complaint form includes a summary of the kind of information that must be included.

The reporting process of the complaint has two main stages:


The first stage corresponds to the process to complete the fields of the complaint form. The first fields are to identify yourself (only if you select the confidential complaint option) and the rest are to describe the facts you are reporting. Some of those fields have a pull-down menu with several options for you to select the one that corresponds. Additionally, you can attach documents to your report if you wish or consider it relevant to the investigation. Finally, you must set a user and password, which will be used to access later and to follow the status of your complaint.

2.The second part corresponds to the sending of the complaint form. When you are sending the form you must choose a username and password. Later, you will need this username and password to be able to access your complaint and follow up on it, as well as to communicate with the lawyer in charge of the management of the complaint.

How is my identity protected when I communicate with the lawyer in charge of my case?

If necessary, the lawyer in charge will contact you and ask you the appropriate questions for the pertinent investigation. All exchanges of information between you and the lawyer in charge of your case will be recorded in the database to which only you and the lawyer have access. This will allow you to follow up on your complaint and know at any time the status of it. Your identity will remain safe thanks to the  professional confidentiality that governs the relationship between lawyer and client (absolute protection of the lawyer-client privilege). Remember that no personal information is requested to access the page of your complaint, only a password that only you know and that you created when completing the complaint form.

Protecting you is one of our most important tasks. Your identity is protected by our system that is hosted on secure servers and that uses data encryption protocols that guarantee the security.